We are a specialist strategy, business growth, innovation, commercialisation, funding and venture creation advisory firm enabling our clients to make good choices, leverage opportunities, manage risk, improve performance, become more competitive and profitable and to grow.

Just as you do, we want to see your venture or enterprise thrive.

Our methodologies and advice allow our clients to execute sustainable effective change and achieve successful project outcomes. We have high-level capabilities, a wealth of industry and advisory experience and networks across a wide range of sectors.  

We understand the business evolution process, from start-up to scale-up, to enterprise, and to exit including all the challenges along the way.     

Whether your organisation is early stage, entrepreneurial and nimble, seeking its next level of growth or larger and and more structured we are well positioned to assist you with entrepreneurial insight and growth solutions wherever you are on your own evolutionary journey.

We can work in different modes according to the needs of our clients and their circumstances. They include: Consulting & Project Management, Mentoring, Coaching, Advisory Board Participation, Non-executive Directorship and Interim Executive Management.                                          re you ready for a change?


Check and reset your business compass,
redefine your direction and focus

  • Identify new markets 
  • Develop a growth agenda
  • Take more opportunities
  • Align your Board and team
  • Create new value

plan & execute

Get from 'here' to 'there' more easily
Make it happen more quickly

  • Create effective plans
  • Establish performance measures
  • Visualse the plan
  • Develop & commercialise new products 
  • Execute on your opportunities

grow value

Build more value into your business by:

  • Optimising your business model
  • Strengthening value propositions
  • Understanding value network effects
  • Diversifying your markets
  • Creating partnerships
  • Creating new products and services


Increase your capabilities and leverage your connections

  • Increase capability by working with others
  • Identify new technology and knowledge
  • Develop products and services quicker
  • Maximise value from your networks


Differentiate your business.
Generate new value by innovating your

  • Business model
  • Processes
  • Products and services


Convert your IP into new products and services. 
Get them to market effectively

  • Invest in R&D
  • Develop new products
  • Maximise return on your IP
  • Access new markets
  • Create new revenues
  • Get funded